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Helping people find joy in their lives through therapeutic sessions.

Life Coaching

On The Farm

Reconnect with nature and yourself with our unique on-the-farm life coaching sessions. Set against the serene backdrop of lush fields and open skies, these sessions offer a peaceful retreat from the everyday hustle. Engage in reflective practices, hands-on activities, and holistic coaching techniques designed to ground and inspire you. Embrace the tranquility of the farm and discover a new perspective on your personal growth journey.

Katherine Jansen
In-Person (Office Setting)

Experience transformative life coaching in a professional and comfortable office setting. Our in-person sessions provide a focused environment where you can openly discuss your goals and challenges. With personalized guidance, actionable strategies, and face-to-face interaction, you’ll gain the clarity and motivation needed to achieve your aspirations. Step into our welcoming office and take the first step towards a brighter future.


Achieve your life goals from the comfort of your own home with our convenient virtual coaching sessions. Utilizing secure and interactive video conferencing tools, our virtual sessions are designed to be just as impactful as in-person meetings. Enjoy the flexibility to schedule sessions around your busy life, and benefit from personalized coaching that fits seamlessly into your routine. Connect with us online and start your journey towards personal and professional success today.


Wool & Wool Items

Shepherd’s Knoll farm has many life enhancing gifts to purchase; from home made dryer balls and one of a kind hair clips made from the wool of our beloved sheep!


Looking for a fleece? Or maybe roving to spin from a sheep you got to meet here at our farm? We would love to help you craft your dreams with wool grown with love!

Inquire for more details! 770-335-0025


Children’s Books

Author Katherine Jansen has created two children’s book series. The “Barnyard Series” and the “Snuggletime Series” These books captivate young readers with gorgeous illustrations plus rhyme and rhythms to make reading fun! 

My Story…

Katherine and her husband Hans own Shepherd’s Knoll Farm, and live here with the youngest two of their six children.

They have many animals including: horses, a mini dwarf horse, miniature donkeys, dozens of sheep, mini goats, and many chickens and ducks as well. Driving up the winding driveway onto the property, you may find yourself driving through the flock of their beautiful, diversely colored, free-roaming sheep!

Katherine is more than just an animal caretaker, she is also an accomplished life coach and author. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling, she has worked all over the country and even in Hong Kong. From hospitals to universities to private practices, she has honed her skills as a life coach.

But now, she focuses on providing personalized life coaching services to a select group of clients while also managing events on the property and taking care of her family and beloved animals. In her free time, she can often be found spinning wool into beautiful gifts for her loved ones. With such a full and fulfilling life, Katherine embodies true contentment and purpose.


What kinds of new adventures are you taking on in life right now? I welcome the chance to walk with you on your journey of change and transitions through life coaching (I can say it is certainly my specialty!).

Katherine Jansen

"Without suffering, we do not have the opportunity to cultivate compassion and understanding; and without understanding, there can be no true love."

Excerpt from, “You Are Here” By Author: Thich Nhat Hanh

When we allow fear to take over, it is like dirtying the glass, making it harder for our light to be seen on the outside.

Katherine Jansen

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