Meet Our Sheep

Eva - Shetland - White

 Eva is sweet and easy little ewe, and gets along perfectly with the other sheep, but keeps to herself a bit with people. She is healthy and strong and very beautiful! We think she'll make a great mamma sheep one day like her mamma Violet!

Madeline - Suffolk/Katahdin

 Madeline was a bouncy baby but has grown into a sweet, elegant ewe. She is large like her mamma Poppy, and has the most beautiful speckled black and white face. She is also a wonderful aunt to little Piper! She gets along with everyone but loves being close to family. 

Gwynn - Shetland - White

 Gwynn is adorable! She is beautiful like her mother, super fluffy and white. Her forehead has a bit of a golden color to it which helps tell her apart from the other white fluffy girls in our pasture. The other way to tell if it's Gwynn is if she jumps on you or lets you kiss and cuddle her! She is extremely friendly and sociable. We just love Gwynn! 

Adeline- Suffolk/Katahdin

 Adeline was bouncy like her twin sister Madeline as a lamb, and has grown into a very demanding (read survivor - which we love!), and loud, young woman, I mean ewe. She is the first to try to jump into the bucket of feed you're carrying, and if it's in a plastic bag... she'll just eat a hole in that and gobble down the grain that pours out! One can't blame her though because she did give us a beautiful little girl, which takes a lot of energy. And motherhood seemed to baffle her at first, but once she got the hang of it, she has been a fantastic mother! 

Amelia - Shetland - White

Amelia is one of our most interesting sheep. We bought her from an older farmer who immediately became our good friend. 

During her quarantine time, we found she had an eye infection, so in order to treat it, we had to catch her two or more times per day, and that turned out to be very difficult! Shetland sheep are quite small, but they can be mighty! Our 15 year old lacrosse playing son could hardly catch her she was so fast, and if he did, she dragged him behind her. She was sure strong and determined! She could also jump higher than I ever knew a sheep could jump. I worried she'd jump over the fence!

Once she was put out in the pasture with the rest of the girls, she was very happy but she still watched us carefully, mainly out of one eye, most likely due to poor vision in one eye, which made her look even more "suspicious". 

One morning, not long after she arrived, Katherine went to feed the sheep in the morning and what do you know? There was a baby with Amelia! A brand new baby lamb! She had been pregnant, even with all of that running and jumping and dragging she had been doing, and she had a beautiful (surprise) baby girl whom we named Gwynn!

A year later, Amelia surprised us again! One night we heard the dogs barking towards the pasture in the dark, and when we went to check, there was Amelia licking off another brand new baby! This time a boy, but again just as much a surprise! We named him Arthur and he and his sister Gwynn are two of the sweetest, friendliest sheep you could ever meet!

Violet - Shetland - Black, Grey, Beige

Violet is quite a character! She is one of our very favorite sheep, and an excellent breeder. She came to us very pregnant and very sick. She was quite expensive because of her rare beautiful colors and because she was about to deliver what looked to be twins. 

The first days after Violet arrived we weren't at all sure she would live she was so sick with pneumonia. But we soon learned that Violet is incredibly strong and a true survivor! And within days she delivered three beautiful babies! One, a boy named Buck, looked just like her with his black, gray and tan wool. And two girls, Ava and Eva, were bouncy white balls of fluff! 

A year later she gave us two more babies too! Hugo Jr. and Bas. Violet is a great defender of her children when needed, but also a more relaxed mom, allowing them to be friendly and curious. Violet is also our very best defender of her food! She is determined to take good care of herself, especially when she is expecting or nursing her babies. We love what an amazing survivor she is! 

Willow - Romneldale/CVM

We got Willow in Tennessee and she was pregnant at the time. Willow is a rare breed of sheep with amazing colors to her wool which Katherine always loves for spinning. She is very large and very sweet. The boys seem to think Willow is a super model in the sheep world with the way they watch her walk by! 

Willow had her beautiful baby girl a few months after arriving at our farm. Her baby is white, taking after her East Frisian daddy (from the other farm) and we named her Paige. Willow is a lovely, nurturing mother. 

Paige - CVM/Frisian

Paige was a skinny little, white, nearly naked thing when she was born on a cold winter's day so we made sure she had a heater on her in our makeshift barn/garage enclosure. Boy was she precious though! She is quiet and docile. She rarely leaves her mother's side. She is gentle and sweet, a bit curious but mostly cautious with people.

As she grows into adulthood, Paige's coat is thick and warm. She will be ready for this winter for sure! 

Piper - Suffolk/Babydoll

Piper could not be cuter or sweeter. Daughter of Adeline, niece of Madeline, granddaughter of Poppy, she is surrounded by strong, beautiful female family members who love her thoroughly! Piper will greet us in the pasture and run up and just sniff our faces and bump noses as if in a kiss. She melts our hearts and we feel so blessed to have her!

Leif - Tunis

 Leif is a gentle giant. He was the second sheep we purchased when we bought the farm, and he has brought us so much joy! His striking red face and his giant, droopy ears make him irresistible to gaze at. He is calm, cool, and collected except with certain other boys at feeding time who somehow inspire him to rough house

Sweet Pea - Bluefaced Leicester (BFL)/Wensleydale - Black

 We just recently bought Sweet Pea from a friend's farm. Her breeding combination is amazing and spinning her wool should be really wonderful! Sweet Pea is just as her name suggests, SUPER sweet! She does the little putting her nose against our face thing too! So adorable! She is totally jet black which makes her even more stunning, and she's also tall, elegant, and has lustrous ringlets. A very beautiful young ewe! 

Hannah - Babydoll

Hannah is the third sheep we purchased and she was pregnant at the time. She is generally quiet and keeps to herself. She is probably our most calm and demur sheep. Hannah gave us a beautiful son/ram lamb Asher. A wonderful mother, and easy with everyone, she has been such a blessing to our farm!

Arthur - Shetland/Babydoll

Arthur was a surprise baby lamb born in a pasture late one evening. Born to Amelia he was off to a good start with such a protective, loving, attentive mother. He is so incredibly friendly you can just kiss his face and rub his fuzzy little cheeks all day! He's like a walking fluffy teddy bear! We are so thankful for little Arthur. 

Landon - Finn/Katahdin

Landon came home to us from another farm at only 24 hours old. It is likely that his birth mother had too many mouths to feed, having had triplets, and it was our gain! He lived in our house for about six weeks, being bottle fed every few hours around the clock, and snuggled on the couch for hours on end. 

When he finally started to enter the world of the outdoors, we worried about how he would learn to do "sheep-y" things, but we did not need to worry, the dogs demonstrated the grass eating part, and he quickly caught on to everything else there is to know! 

Landon is Katherine's "baby", and she swears he calls her "MaaaAA?" He is full sized now and even though he is half hair sheep, he has beautiful, soft white ringlets of wool. His large eyes always take in everything and he still thinks he is a "people" so he does whatever his family asks of him. He has even gone to schools and a retirement villiage and everywhere he goes, he is loved by all!

Landon is extremely friendly and amorous and we think he'll make a good daddy sheep one day!

Poppy - Suffolk

We bought Poppy our first year on the farm too. She is tall with a beautiful black face and black legs which immediately make her a favorite of visitors. She is friendly and has a strikingly loud voice if she decides to use it. She was pregnant when we bought her and shortly thereafter gave us our lovely Madeline and Adeline, twin girls who bounced all over our pastures with their speckled faces and long tails. Now Poppy is a grandmother as well! She has been wonderful to granddaughter Piper, and they all seem to be a very happy family!